MSR Consulting, LLC is a Colorado based company owned and operated by Matt Richardson. Matt is a born and bred Texan and lived throughout central Texas for the first 23 years of his life.  He has a PhD in atmospheric science from Colorado State University as well as a BS and MS in mechanical engineering from University of Texas and Texas A&M University respectively.

Matt first developed a taste for science and programming working as a subcontractor developing code for training simulations of NASA’s International Space Station.  Although this work was completed using Ada (a language for which he has unfortunately found no subsequent outlet), he has translated those programming skills he developed to other languages such as JAVA and C++.    Today, Matt is a Certified Labview Developer and spends most of his time developing data acquisition systems for scientific applications.

When not writing code, you may find Matt maintaining the Texas page on the Mountain Project or losing a game of chess on Chess.com.  Either way, he invites your inquiries and is here to help you get up and running on your next data acquisition project.